Andromeda Radio

Andromeda is a progressive metal band from Sweden formed in 1999. They are currently signed to Massacre Records, Replica Records and Avalon/Marquee. The style emphasizes on strong keyboards and technical drumming. The band is also well known for the smooth vocals of David Fremberg.

They have recorded five albums as of 2011, as well as a live DVD. There are two versions of their first album, Extension of the Wish. The original recording features their first vocalist Lawrence Mackrory. The second version has all of the original instrument tracks, but with their replacement vocalist David Fremberg. The most recent album Manifest Tyranny was released in late 2011.



Extension of the Wish - 2001

II = I (Two is One) - 2003

Final Extension - 2004

Chimera - 2006

Playing off the Board - 2007

The Immunity Zone - 2008

Manifest Tyrranny - 2011


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